A difficult question, because EZHM can bring a great deal of flexibility, tailoring loans to provide manageable funding for your specific project, not pre-conceived policy.

Does your deal make sense?  Then let's get it funded .  


$150,000. to $5,000,000.
3 to 6 points
9% to 14%



  • If a purchase, you may use a cash down payment, or pledge equity in another property.
  • The amount of the down payment is sometimes negotiable when other factors provide adequate security in the property. An equity cushion is of 20% or greater is required.
  • If a refinance, adequate equity must exist to provide a 25% LTV.  You may also use equity in another property to supplement.
  • Bad Credit is usually a non-issue.
  • Vacation homes are acceptable collateral
  • A primary residence may never be involved, in any way